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They are bright, last for years, and now, FINALLY, have come down in price. Buy quantity and get them for as little as $8.00 a bulb (not including shipping). Contact us for quantity discounts.


75 Watt equal LED Bulbs come in two different 'colors'

                       75 Watt Equal LED Warm White      75 Watt Equal LED Cool White

60 Watt equal LED Bulbs come in three different 'colors'

60 Watt Equal LED Soft White 60 Watt Equal LED Warm White 60 Watt Equal LED Cool White


40 Watt equal LED Bulbs come in three different 'colors'

40 Watt Equal LED Soft White 40 Watt Equal LED Warm White 40 Watt Equal LED Cool White

We are proud to be partners with MaxLED products. Please check out their LED products and let us know what you need and when. Given enough lead time, we can get pretty much any LED products anywhere for a grest price.
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The LED replacement bulbs that LEDbuys.com sells are the most durable, best-made LED bulbs on the market. No other LED bulb comes close! We looked at everything available from around the globe before we settled on our product lines to ensure you get the best product for your money!

Environmentally Friendly by Design

LEDbuys.com bulbs are the most environmentally friendly light source other than pure sunlight. First, there are no hazardous substances used inside LEDbuys.com bulbs. All of our products are RoHS compliant (a strict new standard reducing hazardous substances).

You've probably heard a lot about Compact Florescent Bulbs or CFL. These have been touted as a solution to the inefficiencies of incandescent yet they are all made with mercury, thus they are hardly an environmentally sound solution after all.

Second,LEDbuys.com bulbs are part of the solution to the energy crisis we are all facing. LEDbuys.com bulbs use less power up front and generate less heat when used.
Replacing all of your lighting withLEDbuys.com bulbs will immediately make your home or building a more environmentally friendly structure.

Finally, with the long life you will achieve from your LEDbuys.com bulb, you will save on the disposal of approximately 50 incandescent bulbs and 5 mercury tainted, compact fluorescent bulbs thus cleaning up our landfills and ultimately saving our environment from waste.

New Fluorescent replacement fixtures - Recessed and Suspended

 These Made in U.S.A. Cree fixtures deliver high efficacy - anywhere bright, beautiful, uniform light is required for general purpose lighting. Their high performance is coupled with affordability, making them the best solution for any replacement project. Ideal applications include office spaces, major retail stores, education, government, healthcare, and hospitality.




As a rule, LED bulbs use 90% less electricity than standard bulbs. They have an unparalleled even spectrum of light and have a lifespan beyond ten years. LED's provide us the most efficient way to save energy and conserve our natural resources. If LED's were implemented right now universally, we would not need to build another power plant.

LEDs would actually eliminate the need for over 30 existing power plants!

LED replacement bulbs from LEDbuys.com are far more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. Visit our Why LED's? page for more information.


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